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I'm Blessed Bio

I'm Blessed is first and foremost a Christian who loves Jesus Christ more than anything or anyone in his life. He is a very gifted entertainer and is known for being the center of attention when it's his time to show his light to the world. He loves people with a heart of GOD and enjoys making the people around him joyful. He is a family man and a minister at the Grayson County Detention Center in Denison Texas. He loves to bring light in dark situations and truly enjoys counseling and disciplining anyone who wants to grow. His life has been filled with ups and downs. His road started with his mother becoming oppressed by demons. He was physically, emotionally, and mentally abused for that period before family finally decided that it was best for his dad to move him and his brother away into another family member's home. It was here where the young tortured boy was broken even more when he was sexually molested by an older family member for a number of years. When his dad finally got a home he was broken inside and out. The next phase of darkness happened with his dad. His dad began to smoke crack and soon became known as the neighborhood crackhead. When I'm Blessed was 11 years old he was invited to a church camp by some friends. This is when he heard the gospel message that changed his life. He accepted King Jesus as his Savior and soon began to see visions in his sleep and saw them come to life over the next few days. After being baptized I'm Blessed was feeling like life was finally looking like is should. Soon after he found out that some of the Christian leaders in the church He was attending were actually doing some really evil things. His bus driver was accused of hurting his family with physical abuse. His camp counselor was accused of child molestation. I'm Blessed didn't completely believe the reports but then his friends' mother attended a service and told I'm Blessed that the church may not be the church for him. She said that the preacher spoke about against interracial relationships and marriage. This was all that he could take since that a lot of his friends were of a different color of skin and he often imagined being married to any woman of any color. He started to rebel and went into living a luke warm christian life until he was 33. He decided that he was going to seek the LORD for all that the Bible said that the Christian believer could be. He had a family and wanted to be the man that GOD desired him to be for his family. He continues to seek GOD for more revelation and more relationship with King Jesus. He seeks to completely know Him and the power of His resurrection. I'm Blessed decided to use his gifts, including music, to spread the Kingdom of King Jesus into all the world. His music focuses on worshiping the Father in Spirit and in truth. He aims to worship just like he would in Heaven. His performances are filled with life and freedom. Lives are being changed and chains are being broken. More is to come and to GOD be the glory!!!

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