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The Godhead


I believe in King Jesus as being the absolute authority of the universe. Genesis 1:1 reveals that King Jesus is the “Aleph Tav”. He is the Alpha and Omega. All things were created through Him and for Him. The Father created the universe with the participation of the Son and the Spirit of GOD. The Father loved the Son and the Son loved the Father before anything was created in the universe. Love existed first before all creation! The Spirit of Love is the Holy Spirit of GOD. Heaven is 1 family that represents GOD. Our GOD is one. 1 family of unity. Our King represents Heaven. Angels represent Heaven. Servants of GOD represent Heaven. We belong to 1 family and that family is the family of GOD. Our creator knew before the foundation of the universe that creation would rebel and that He would have to redeem us. Love is a choice. Love cannot be forced but it is freely given and freely received. Our King knew that true love would have to be a free will offering; so The Father prepared to offer the Son as the ultimate act of love before the foundation of the worlds in the universe. Sin cannot abide in a perfect Heaven with a perfect GOD. Our King took our punishment for our sin and is now at the right hand of power in Heaven interceding for us. He sent the Holy Spirit for us so that we can be one with Him and The Father. We can now represent Him just as His first disciples and the prophets represented Him. The signs will follow as He confirms the Word of Himself working through us. He has called us to preach the gospel of His Kingdom and as we go we must heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons, cleanse the leper, etc. We must do it freely because it was freely given. We must be as He was in this world. He will return one day to judge the world and to condemn the evil doers. His patience and long suffering allows for us to reach as many lost souls as possible because He doesn't want anyone to perish. Our GOD loves us from the beginning to the end.


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