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Being blessed vs having The Blessing

Our GOD knows us more than we know ourselves. He is constantly trying to get us to understand that we need Him more than anything else in this universe. He blesses everyone...even the people that hate him. But there is difference in being blessed by Him and having His blessing. I remember that before I devoted my self to follow my King, I was blessed but I still had lots of mess that caused many bad experiences. I loved my girlfriend but I continued to have sex with her without being married. We soon moved in together and continued sinning again GOD’s instructions. We had lots of hard times and only GOD and my faith in Him pulled us through. Now as I look back...after being married to her for going on 10 years and walking with King Jesus 6 years...I realize that I truly have His blessing. He knows I represent Him and He has me in a path of life that is a everyday peace and joyful blessing. I am favored in many things and His blessing is upon me. Please look back and analyze your life today. Are you blessed...or do you have his blessing.

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I'm Blessed
I'm Blessed
May 07, 2020

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