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Never give up ...never give in! Never back down!

God has created you for good works but it's up to you to master your gifts and talents. Don't expect Him to hold your hand and do things for you that he blessed you with the power to do yourself. You are created in Him so seek Him for the best version of you because only He knows all you can be! The enemy was you to give up, give in, and back down....but tell satan "NOT TODAY!" You are blessed and because you are a child of the have a right to be all He made you to be. Get out of your own way and do what He created you to do...all of what He created you to do. Yes you will fail sometimes...yes it will be hard sometimes...yes you may cry...and yes many friends and family may discourage you. But He will never call you anything less than what you are...a child of the King! Follow your vision..follow your dream...and if you don't know what your gift or talent is...the next blog will help you find it. Be blessed in Jesus name!

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